Happy Meals!


Kevin Kennedy-Spaien, the producer of Health Hacks Podcast, has a little fun with PhotoShop to celebrate my first podcast about sprouted organic nuts.

Sprouted Organic Nuts in a Happy Meal


SUSTAINABLE TABLE BLOG points to an intersting study about farm workers and the economic drivers that cause farms to treat workers poorly. Not that I’ve had a chance to read it yet today.

One day maybe I can pick up a rake and shovel and stop soaking in all that electromagnetic toxin from working in front of a computer for 16 hours a day. Only in dreams.

This is the first podcast I ever done. It will be a segment in this week’s Health Hacks Podcast. Hopefully I’ll be able to keep up with a weekly podcast.

Music is the beginning (and guitar solo) of the song “Waking Up” by my band Nigel. So I have free license I guess.

The topic of this podcast is nutrient density. Namely, when you eat foods that are non-nutrient dense, like Nacho Cheese Dorritos, you can eat the entire bag and not be full. This is because 1) your stomach tells your brain when to stop eating and B) your stomach won’t tell your brain to stop eating if it’s nutrient requirements are not met. Furthermore, Dorritos taste good, and the food scientists know that.

So give sprouted organic nuts and seeds a try. My personal favorite are the pistachios, followed closely by pecans and cashews. Find out more at www.JigsawHealth.com/Nuts

And post a comment to let me know what you think of the podcast.

My unveiling has begun. I can keep this podcast thing a secret no more.

Jigsaw Health: The New Sponsor of The Health Hacks Podcast at Health Hacks Podcast

This is not a lament.  This is not a rant.

When I started using email at work, someone said that I should try and use my Inbox like a To-Do list.  When something comes in, get it done, then delete it.  Good suggestion.

For the past 10 years, I’ve always kept my inbox so that the number of items in it never makes the vertical scroll bar active.  I almost can’t work on anything else if I can’t see everything in my inbox in 1 screen.

Well, that rule has been on hiatus for about the last 8 weeks.

But I just saw the bottom of my inbox tonight/this morning.  Joy!