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Please forgive my negligence at updating my podcast blog. I had high hopes when first starting it, but found that I just wasn’t much of a podcaster. I do still like to blog, and do so fairly often at the Pat Sullivan Blog with my dad. As far as I know, the mp3 files have […]

Transcript for Vitamin P Show #6, Kidney Stones and Magnesium 12/2/06 Welcome to another edition of the Vitamin P Show on the Health Hacks Podcast. As I record this, it is late Sunday night. I spent the weekend with some good friends in Dallas. On the ride to the airport this afternoon, one of my […]

Ever wonder about "miracle" cure claims? Think the dietary supplement market is unregulated and unsafe? Have a listen. You might be surprised. (New)

My unveiling has begun. I can keep this podcast thing a secret no more. Jigsaw Health: The New Sponsor of The Health Hacks Podcast at Health Hacks Podcast

This is not a lament.  This is not a rant. When I started using email at work, someone said that I should try and use my Inbox like a To-Do list.  When something comes in, get it done, then delete it.  Good suggestion. For the past 10 years, I’ve always kept my inbox so that […]