Show #3 – An insider perspective on health claims, part 2


Part 2 delves into why statin drugs can legally make the claim to lower bad cholesterol while pecan farmers cannot.

(Shh…don’t say anything, but a handful of pecans will lower LDL cholesterol.)

3 Responses to “Show #3 – An insider perspective on health claims, part 2”

  1. Bizarre. I just discovered your new digs. Although I admit, I haven’t been reading blogs as closely as I used to.

    So, anyway, one thing I do want to note is that the FDA gives mixed signals on the use of studies for promotion. I know of at least one case where a company was required to remove the results of an active comparator study (i.e. “head-to-head” study of two drugs) from its drug label because “it might be used as promotional material.” At the same time, drug companies are allowed/have to make the results of their studies public, and of course there’s (understandably) always the army of marketing professionals who explore the bounds of how far you can spin the positive and negative aspects of a clinical study.

    Bizarrely, drug reps are allowed to photocopy and hand out peer-reviewed published papers on “off-label” uses of a drug to doctors, but cherry growers aren’t allowed to link to scientific articles discussing the health benefits of cherries.

    Now, given that Medwatch is understaffed and Congress pretty much has to address a drug safety nightmare, I’m pretty surprised that the FDA has found the resources to go after cherry growers, pecan growers, and raw milk cow-sharing programs.

  2. The way I see, good intentions on the part of the FDA has led to the entire system into a deep, deep hole.

    Thanks for stopping by RandomJohn!

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