Show #1 – Nutrient Density


This is the first podcast I ever done. It will be a segment in this week’s Health Hacks Podcast. Hopefully I’ll be able to keep up with a weekly podcast.

Music is the beginning (and guitar solo) of the song “Waking Up” by my band Nigel. So I have free license I guess.

The topic of this podcast is nutrient density. Namely, when you eat foods that are non-nutrient dense, like Nacho Cheese Dorritos, you can eat the entire bag and not be full. This is because 1) your stomach tells your brain when to stop eating and B) your stomach won’t tell your brain to stop eating if it’s nutrient requirements are not met. Furthermore, Dorritos taste good, and the food scientists know that.

So give sprouted organic nuts and seeds a try. My personal favorite are the pistachios, followed closely by pecans and cashews. Find out more at

And post a comment to let me know what you think of the podcast.

2 Responses to “Show #1 – Nutrient Density”

  1. 1 Rhonda Reindl

    Re: Pat Sullivan’s “Wellness, Piece by Piece”

    I just finished reading your book and really enjoyed it and got a lot out of it. (but I have a lot of work to do). I plan to make an appointment to get some of my amalgams removed and want to find a good Naturapath to help remove metals from my body and brain tissues if possible too. But that’s just for starters.

    I’m wondering if you could write another book with a more specific meal plan. You were very specific about what to avoid eating but what would really be helpful would be a book that more specifically tells what we should eat. What I have in mind are 1-3 weeks’ worth of menues of meals (breakfast, lunch and dinner) and snacks that you actually eat on a regular basis with a section in the back for recipes. Also an index of addresses of companies that furnish the kind of food you prefer (such as anti-biotic-free beef). (don’t want much do I)?

    I know you’re busy and already are doing so much, but a book like this would be very helpful and I think many others would think so too if you could possibly find the time.

    Thanks for writing “Wellness.” May you continue to regain complete wellness. Take care.

    Mission Viejo, CA.

  1. 1 Happy Meals! « The Vitamin P Show

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